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Q: What photographs should I send?

A:Generally, we need just 2 good quality and clear photographs of the individual needed to be sculpted on the bobbleheads – 1 front-view and 1 side-view.

Sculpting, especially when the subject is a human, is a very subjective process. It is an art, not a science. Since all the sculpting is done based on photographs (which may or may not be good likenesses of the subject), the quality of the photo provided is very important in achieving a strong likeness. But even with a good photo, because of the subjectivity involved with the art of sculpting, some people may see a strong resemblance to the person, and others may not. With a good photo however, we should be able to obtain a good likeness with our specially-trained artists.


Q:I don't have a side profile. I only have a front picture. Is that ok?

A: Yes, we can use only the front picture as long as it is a good, straight-on head shot. .


Q:Im uploading a picture, do I still have to choose the hair, eye and skin color?

A: Yes. Sometimes we receive black and white pictures. Or the lighting in the picture can make the person's hair look darker/lighter than it really is. Most of the time we cannot tell what eye color the person has. And for several other reasons, we feel it best to leave the guess work out and ask our customers to tell us what color to make the bobblehead.


Q:What is 100% custom bobbleheads?

A:100% custom bobbleheads is fully customized designs allow you to fully personalize the body structures, poses and clothing styles – everything on the bobblehead from head to toes.However the resembelence  is 65-70 percent.

Please note that the fully customization design option does not include the addition of props of any size for free. Please contact us to get a quote if you are interested in including a prop as part of your design.


Q:Do you use 3D printing, or are your bobbleheads sculpted by hand?

A:3D printing could theoretically be used to produce dolls that have a high level of likeness. However, this would entail a full face/body scan at the producer's facilities. Processes that involve 3D printing from photos are not superior to hand-sculpting as the photos do not provide sufficient details for these machines. we therefore uses only the most talented sculptors on this planet to create your Bobbleheads. Human sculptors are able to provide an artistic touch to the creation process and can even use photos that are not perfect, while still ensuring a great outcome!


Q:Will my bobbleheads look exactly like the photo?

A:Bobbleheads are also known as a 3D cartoonization. This means that the dolls will resemble the person in the photo but with a slight cartoon effect, which is normally added by the sculptors. This cartoon effect is what makes this product so popular as an amazingly funny and unusual gift. An exact replication of the person's features is not always possible, because photos sometimes fail to capture the true nature of someone's face. However, our sculptors will create your figurine with a very high degree of resemblance.


Q:What if I don't like my bobbleheads? Do you offer refunds?

A:As it is fully customised one so we have zero  refund policy.


Q: How long does it take to process, ship and receive a custom bobblehead order?

A: We can create your bobblehead to you in less than 13 business days. The duration displayed as sculpting options are applicable for orders of a single custom Bobblehead. In most cases, we will require additional time for the creation of additional identical copies, especially if ordered in large numbers.

While we offer unlimited free revisions and a complimentary proofing process, every change will require additional 3-5 business days. The sculpting time starts after all details of the project are clear and confirmed (in some cases, mock-ups are needed to specify all details before we start with the sculpting process).

The shipping time depends solely on the shipping method you select during checkout. Normally the standard shipping time is 7-15 business days,fast shipping time is 3-5 business days.

Please notice: Processing time and logistic speed will slow down during the Holiday season.



Q:Can you make bobbleheads of famous people?

A:Generally, we cannot make bobbleheads of any person who profits from their own image, including professional athletes, musicians and actors. However, we are allowed to make dolls of political figures and of NCAA athletes, since their creation would not infringe upon current US parody laws.


Q:I have a different shipping question.

A:If we were unable to answer your questions here, please scroll down and fill out our Contact Form! Our team will be in touch. If you’ve already placed an order please include your order number and provide as much detail as possible within the email so we can assist you. 

Please email me at:


Q: What payment methods do you accept

A:You can checkout with all the major Credit Cards, PayPal in our store.

Q: How secure is my personal information?

A:sweetbobbleheads adheres to highest industry standards in order to protect your personal information with the best security solutions.
Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (secure socket