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Halloween Horrible Couple Custom Bobblehead with Engraved Text

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Product Description: Have a spooky Halloween with this custom bobblehead of the “Horrible Couple”! Each bobblehead is handmade and hand-painted by our master craftsmen. Crafted in premium polymer clay, these one-of-a-kind bobbleheads are sure to be a piece of art that stands out from the crowd. The details in the face and attire are incredibly lifelike and real. These bobbleheads come with two heads so you can move them around for even more customization!
- Handcrafted from premium polymer clay
- Hand painted to bring out every detail
- Fully customizable – you choose facial expressions, hair styles and clothing
- Perfectly sized for your desk, shelf or collection
- Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more!
- Unique twist on festive holiday decorations
- Fun conversation starter

•Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures!

•The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, isn't the actual height of the person while sitting or lying.

•The Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles, and the Bobble Head only can make short hairstyles.

•This item requires 3-7 business days to handcraft. We Will Send Email to you after the head is finished.

Please note:

1. If modifications are required, please reply us within 48 hours, or we will deem no change is required to continue the production, to avoid further delay, while the products cannot be modified for those replies over 48 hours.

2. The ship out date of your bobble head is directly affected by the number of changes you might request.Halloween bobbleheads

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